Choosing to enter in the music industry as a musician is, in all actuality, a very complex choice to make. For one thing, there is the need to consider the conditions within which you find yourself. Are these conditions conducive for the act of making music? It might also help to check out what a music tech blog has to say – what are the benefits? What are the drawbacks? In the following paragraphs, you’ll read the benefits of choosing to be a musician (of course, website visitors won’t be your only audience).

Benefits of Being a Musician

Playing music is soul fulfilling

Playing music is cheaper than therapy and a hell of a lot more fun. An emotional release and means of self expression like no other. Playing music can take you places in your own heart and mind that you may not have ever known were there. It can lift you up and help you escape when you’re feeling blue, or give you a fun way to spread the joy when you’re feeling listen

Sex appeal

Although this is definitely one of the worst reasons to become a musician, being a good player definitely has it’s upsides when it comes to the opposite sex. Arguably musicians have more sex appeal than any other type of artist. You might be dog ugly, but if you can lay down a song and nail it for some people, odds are you’ll catch someone’s eye and you won’t have much trouble finding a date.

Connecting with an audience

concertThe feeling of connection when playing music for a receptive audience is like no other experience on earth. Having people cheer you on while you do what you love not only feels absolutely amazing, it prompts you to perform at your best and go beyond the limits of what even you thought you could do. There’s no place like the stage.

Meeting new people

As a musician you will meet and befriend people whom you may not have had anything in common with otherwise, fan and fellow musician alike. Music like other art forms can unite people from all walks of life, no matter their differences because it reaches people on an emotional level.

There are things that are more worthy of your time than crypto trading platforms. Sure, they’re a lot of fun, and it’s great to know that you can actually make money while having that sort of fun. Also, their appeal might come from the fact that they’re still relatively new and will easily grab the attention of curious cats.

However, it may actually be a better idea if you spend more time learning a new skill, such as learning how to make and produce music. Apart from a potential income source, music also provides more peace and fulfillment to you and to your soul. Thus, you should give it a try.

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What others say about “Being A Musician: A Case for Creativity” ? (5 Comments)

Agree! Most creative people are musically inclined.

Music is a talent that can be honed by constant practice. I’ve seen a lot of people succeed in music as a career because they dedicated most of their life to it.

Being a musician is also a calling. Many people try to do music but did not really succeed because they’re not really good at it.

Not all creative people are good musicians. Not all great musicians are creative people. Just my thoughts.

I’m a fan of music but not blessed with any talent to produce it LOL

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