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The Choice to Be A Musician and its Risks

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Being a musician also entails the willingness to experience a lot of risks.


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Or better yet, you might be more comfortable in the creative side of the spectrum and decide to become a musician. Before you do, it’s important to know the disadvantages of this choice to get into music. Click to read more about the benefits of a career in music.

Disadvantages of Being a Musician

Your work is subjective

One of the most difficult aspects of being a musician (or an artist of any kind for that matter) is that what makes some people love you and shout your praises from the rooftops will make others hate your filthy guts. Music, like other art forms is subject to the opinions of the people experience it. It can be tough to take when you work very hard at something and pour your heart and soul into it, only to be judged, criticized, and found lacking. If you want to be a musician, it’s important to grow a thick skin and learn to take the criticism along with the praise.

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There’s just no getting around it. Being a musician takes hours and hours of training and practice to become proficient and years to become really good. Great musicians make it look easy, but behind the glamour and romance there are years of practice and hard work. If you want to be a good musician, it takes more than just a burning desire. You will have to take action and put in the time. But make no mistake, if you truly want it bad enough, you can do anything.


As with many other art forms, writing and learning to play music takes a good deal of alone time. For some, it can be difficult to balance making time for your passion and keeping up with your friends and family. For others, this may actually be viewed as a benefit. It’s not all dark dismal solitude of course.

Lack of financial stability

More often than not, life as a professional musician is fraught with financial instability. Going back to disadvantage #1, the problem stems from the fact that your work is subject to the opinions of others and if you think it’s only about being a good player, you may be in for a rude awakening. It takes tons of promotion, hard work, people skills, and business sense to be successful as a professional musician.

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Music as a career is really good. Most people who succeeded it have enjoyed wealth and fame.

Most musicians are trained from an early age. They don’t have other way to determine if they are good at other things because music was their focus.

I’ve dreamed of being a musician when I was small. But my Mom did not approve saying it’s not really a good source of income 🙁

In music, there is much to sacrifice. Most people that I know who pursued careers in music do not have much to go by. But on the other side, if you are a celebrity, you might get everything from it.

It’s common notion that artists do not earn much money unless they are celebrities.

It’s a very informative article, Thank you for sharing it!

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